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Welcome to Celenium, the premier blockchain explorer dedicated to the Celestia Network. This platform serves as an essential tool for developers, providing a comprehensive suite of functionalities designed to enhance your experience with the Celestia blockchain. Our mission is to deliver an intuitive and robust explorer that not only meets but exceeds the needs of our community.

Whether you are new to Celestia or a seasoned developer, Celenium offers a wealth of information and functionality to assist you. Our documentation is structured to provide a seamless navigation experience, ensuring you find the answers and guidance you need efficiently.

The architecture of Celenium has the following components:

  • An indexer that communicates with consensus and data availability layer nodes, fetches blob information and stores it in a PostgreSQL database
  • A frontend that allows navigating the data, having specific pages for blocks, namespaces, transactions, addresses, and blobs.
  • A rollup leaderboard with ability to view registered rollups activity and validate its operations.

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Join us as we explore the Celestia Network through Celenium, your trusted companion in blockchain exploration. Our commitment is to continuously enhance this platform, ensuring it remains an indispensable resource for the Celestia developer community.

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